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WrestleHorror With Donnie Hoover and “Meathook” Jim Millspaugh

Jul 8, 2019

Welcome to WrestleHorror. In this inaugural episode we get to know the hosts of the WrestleHorror podcast, Donnie Hoover and "Meathook" Jim Millspaugh as they introduce themselves and talk about the topics that will be covered like wrestling, haunted attractions, horror, haunted houses, and Halloween.

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Intro (00:02):

[Wrestlehorror Intro Sounds]

Intro (00:23):

When you hear that noise in your closet late at night, and there's a creaking sound and you think you see a shadow in the corner. Yeah, that's me.

Meathook Jim (00:34):

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to WrestleHorror

Meathook Jim (00:42):

Greetings listeners and viewers. I might look familiar to you. I might not look a little familiar to you. My name is Meathook Jim and with me is Donnie "Shank Dorsey" Hoover.

Donnie Hoover (00:57):

Hey, how's everybody doing out there?

Meathook Jim (00:59):

We're here to introduce to you a new podcast. It's called WrestleHorror. It's a little bit of wrestling. It's a little bit of horror and it's a whole lot of fun. Donnie came up with the idea. He asked me to come on board and be a host for this. So we're going to talk wrestling. We're going to talk horror. We're going to talk a little bit about everything. Donnie, tell them what we're going to do.

Donnie Hoover (01:23):

Oh Man, we got a nice kinda concept here. An idea. The WrestleHorror is basically, we both have passions for wrestling and for horror and for the haunted attraction industry. So what we're going to do here is we're going to share our knowledge. I have some, I have a good amount of professional wrestling knowledge. I own my own promotion here in Columbus, Ohio. New Ohio wrestling and Meathook Jim. He's been involved in the haunt industry for many, many, many years and we've both dabbled. He dabbles in wrestling, he's my ring announcer and I dabble in the haunted attraction industry. I do a little haunting. I co-owned a haunted trail and this and that. So what we we're trying to do is we both want to get on here, share some of what we know in the haunted attraction, wrestling, and horror industry, as well as, bring guest on to where we could learn from them as well. We want to sit them down, pick their brain, talk to them, get to know him and whatever we can pick up and learn and everybody out there as well. Then that's just a win win for all of us.

Meathook Jim (02:24):

Absolutely. Donnie that's the primary goal of this podcast. But let me tell you, there's going to be more than that cause we're going to talk to these haunt people. We're going to talk to these wrestlers, get a little bit of stories on the road, just a little something to break up everything else and find out maybe a different side of pro wrestling. Isn't that right Donnie?

Donnie Hoover (02:43):

Oh yeah. We're going to try to dig deep and learn stuff, but we also want to talk to wrestling promoters, not just wrestlers. You know, we want to talk to referees, we want to talk to ring announcers, play-by-play people that just set up the rings and work behind the scenes. And that's something that's really hard to find that I'm learning is there's not a lot of wrestling promoter knowledge out there. So you can't just go and Google something about wrestling promoter or buy a course and learn how to do it. You know, it's a skilled trade. It's something you have to be involved in and you've got to, basically, I'm kind of learning as I go. So I want to get more involved in that too. Get some wrestling promoters on here, pick their brains, you know, see what we can find out the right ways, the wrong ways to do some stuff to help all of us wrestling promoters and stuff out there as well, or people that's looking to maybe do it. So yeah, there's a lot of stuff in the works and it's going to be a lot of fun. We're going to have some fun with it. We're gonna learn a lot and it's going to be a good time.

Meathook Jim (03:38):

Well, definitely. With the promotions and the haunters, they both work hand in hand on it, you know that.

Donnie Hoover (03:45):

Oh yeah.

Meathook Jim (03:45):

As far as you know, working together, everybody should be working together for the betterment of the industry. Fighting doesn't accomplish anything.

Donnie Hoover (03:55):


Meathook Jim (03:56):

On the wrestling side, promoters should be working together to make pro wrestling better and on the haunters side, the same thing. Haunted attraction owners work with other haunted attraction owners. Make it better. Fighting, fighting does nothing but tear it down. We want to elevate both businesses and you know, Donnie knows the wrestling. I know the horror and vice versa. A little bit. Let's make something of this. We're going to give you guys some tools. We're going to get some information from wrestlers, from promoters, from haunters, from haunt owners. That is invaluable. So you need to stay tuned. Listen to what's going on here. We have special guest hosts on a random basis. One of them would be John Orlando, who's a walking encyclopedia of pro wrestling. We've got our wives who do women in wrestling in horror. You know, Women of WrestleHorror. It's, it's gonna be interesting. So there's a lot for everybody. Wouldn't you say, Donnie?

Donnie Hoover (04:58):

Oh, yeah, absolutely. And just like you touched on, you know, this, this is a podcast of learning and a fun, but I agree 100% in wrestling and in the haunted attraction industry and helping each other out, learning from each other. There's no one right way to do anything. You know, there's no one right way to run a promotion. There's no one right way to be a pro wrestler. There's no one right way to run a haunted house or a haunted attraction or create a haunt character there. You can do it multiple ways. So yeah, the goal was to come on here to maybe, you know, drum up some new ideas, to have, maybe, some friendly debates on what works, what doesn't, and pick up ideas from each other, work together, you know, maybe help each other out when we're able to. That's the goal here is to help both industries grow in a positive way and learn as we go to make the both industries as good as we can.

Meathook Jim (05:51):

100% comradery. Absolutely. Regardless of the business. And we love them both.

Donnie Hoover (05:58):

Oh yeah. And I'm actually excited for this, the Woman of WrestleHorror, because that's kind of, that's also like a sort of an untapped market right now, women and men both, you know, they both get treated sort of equally more so now than before, but there's still a difference and there's still some discrepancies about it. So the Woman of WrestleHorror is going to be fun for me to be involved in so I can listen to them and learn from them as well. The promoter side I'm excited about as well. Cause there's, like I said, there's not one right way to run a wrestling promotion and there's a lot of promoters out there that have their own ways that they do stuff. So it's going to be fun to pick brains and talk to people and try to come up with new and different ideas. So to help everybody out out there.

Meathook Jim (06:45):

Well you know there was, I forget the philosopher, it's way back in the day, but they said you really only stop learning when you're dead.

Donnie Hoover (06:54):

Absolutely. I'm a firm believer, I try to learn something every day if I can.

Meathook Jim (06:58):

So there is going to be so much that we could offer our listeners on both sides because you know for those of you that are going, wait a second, it's wrestling and it's horror. They come together more than you think they do, if you're asking that question. If you're a dyed in the wool pro wrestling fan, you get it. But for those of you that aren't quite sure, or in the younger generation, this is how it works. We're not asking you to choose a side. We're asking you to be open minded. Look at both businesses.

Donnie Hoover (07:34):

Yeah. Cause if you look at it, like you said, they're, they're one in the same pretty much. And I just like it just for an example, if you go to a Horrorhound convention, you know, you go to a Horrorhound convention, you see horror stuff, you see, you know, haunted house stuff, you know, you see all this stuff. But you also see professional wrestlers there. And I went to a Horrorhound convention in Chicago, or near Chicago, it was around Indiana actually. And Rick Flair was there, you know. They're like all kinds of different wrestlers are at these Horror conventions and haunt conventions now. So I mean, yeah, it's there kind of that they have their own uniqueness about them. They're a weird and outside of the box genre from normal people, normal thinking normally the way that people think.

Donnie Hoover (08:17):

So a lot of people don't understand the haunt industry unless you're in it or you're involved in it. A lot of people don't understand really the wrestling industry and the behind the scenes of all that, unless you're involved in it. Like the Brotherhood, the comradery, the family atmosphere that's created in both genres, both industries are the same. You know, there's a wrestling brotherhood that is out there. And also, from me starting getting more involved in the haunting, there's a haunt family atmosphere where everybody, you know, helps each other out. And it's just like one big happy family, you know, that we have our, our moments like everybody else in every family. But you know, in general it's a one big happy family. Same with wrestling. You got your Brotherhood, you got your family, and I, you don't find that a lot in a lot of industries and that's what I think that makes these two industries unique.

Meathook Jim (09:04):

They do. And I've got to agree with you as far as you know, going back to the conventions in the wrestlers. I've had the pleasure of meeting Angelina love, of the beautiful people, from TNA and back. As well as, and this was a big one for me. I got to meet Sting. I had been waiting for, I've been following sting his entire career and I got to meet him finally last year or year before last. And it was just like I had to stop from fanboying. I'm not as bad as my wife fanboying. When we met Kurt Angle, she couldn't talk, she was a stuttering mess.

Meathook Jim (09:49):

Well, Kurt angle was her absolute favorite wrestler and you know, getting to be right there and we've got the picture, but oh yeah. You know, and then I had Kurt Angle do at birthday greeting for her, which she about passed out on because, he was talking directly to her. Nice. As well as Angelina love. She did one for us when I actually proposed to Chris when we were, we were still boyfriend and girlfriend and I asked her to marry me. Oh, very cool. So pro wrestlers are real people folks. They're kind of cool, you know, they could be the person that the guy or the girl next door. Pro wrestling is a show. There are regular people just like you and me.

Donnie Hoover (10:34):

Oh yeah. Yeah. And the extended, the fun, the great thing about this podcast is we're both going to be doing genre's that we both love. We both love wrestling. We both love horror and haunted and on haunted attractions. And so I'm really looking forward to this new adventure. It's going to be great. Like I said, I've, I've been involved with pro wrestling off and on since 1997 I started training as a wrestler in 97, and I went through that and, and worked around the Midwest a little bit up into Canada a little bit. So I do have some in-ring knowledge and I've owned professional wrestling promotion, New Ohio Wrestling. Me and my wife Terrie started that in 2015 to start it from the bare bones ground up and we're going day by day. So I mean we're have, you know, I do have knowledge behind the scenes as well as in the ring.

Donnie Hoover (11:24):

But you know, like I said, I'm always learning. I'm always picking people's brains. I reach out to other promoters. I'm going to have a couple good ones come on here that have a lot of knowledge later on in the season here. And just like with the, with you in the horror, you know, you've been into horror many years. You're, you're one of the four of the big scary show, which in my opinion is one of the biggest and best haunt podcast in the country. You guys, you guys do very well, you're very knowledgeable and you know, I look to you guys, you know, you, I look to Keith Newsome as a big haunt mentor of mine. And so I look to all of you guys to learn haunting cause I, I've have developed a love for haunting and I'm learning day by day.

Donnie Hoover (12:02):

I've got my new character made and I was excited about last year I finally broke him out and I had a lot of success with it. So, you know, like I said, I'm going to be, you know, wide open, take a notes when you guys are talking, you're haunting and I'm going to be asking questions just like everybody else, you know, if anybody else has questions they can put it down and email us or get ahold of us somehow and we can ask the question for them as well. So, but yeah, I'm really excited for all of this and I, yeah, if you want to let them know your background in haunting and, and podcasting, you've been on podcasting for a long time too. So you have experience in both of those genres?

Meathook Jim (12:37):

I do, actually. I'm my haunting. I mean that's a gray area because you've got to decide is it when they started haunting professionally or when they started scaring people? So my hunting experience started when I was about, well, I'm going to date myself and I'm going to say a half a century ago, 50 years. I know, I know. I get it. I don't look, I don't look 54, but I am. I was four years old and I started scaring my mom and I thought it was just the funniest thing. You know, mom always reacted and I, you know, I think most of the time she did it just so I would laugh. But you know what, that's okay. Kept nurturing my desire to scare because I didn't know at the time mom. As far as I knew, I was scaring the crap out of mom every time. So, you know, it grew with that.

Meathook Jim (13:36):

I've always loved Halloween. I made a gene Simmons costume out of a crappy sweater and garbage bags one year and I used get this for clown white. I used zinc oxide. I did, I didn't know about, I know about clown white. So I thought what I could get, I would do little yard haunts to scare the neighborhood kids. You don't have a flying ghost come down a fishing line or something like that or I'd sit and scare them with the, with the candy bowl. Always loved scaring people, couldn't watch a horror movie but you'll hear about that in another podcast later on this podcast just later on.

Meathook Jim (14:21):

But as I got older and in my early twenties I, I got with a friend of mine, my roommate and we started doing a rocky horror shadow cast. And if you know what rocky horror picture is that a picture show is, I don't need to explain anything but I played a, primarily I played for Eddie and Dr. Scott because you can see back then Eddie had hair well and he still used, Eddie still used a wig cause he was thinning. But I still had some hair, which is great for Dr. Scott. A couple of times I actually did play Frank N Furter and yes ladies, I can walk in size 13 heels. I've done it for two hours straight. That is not pleasant. I don't know why you do it.

Meathook Jim (15:10):

After that, a little bit of a hiatus before I came up to Ohio, I started working back in I think 2008 at a King's Island haunt. And I was even training people then, which is where I decided to open up. Unknown Scare Actor LLC is a, a training class and I've trained haunts. I've done training at national conventions like Midwest and HauntCon. I've trained at places like Scareatorium Stillwell Manor I've trained at Backwards Oddities. Fear Fair. I did a training class at Fear Fair once. I've trained at haunts Springboro Haunted Hayride, Brimstone haunt. I've done some training at the Dent School House where I worked for four years as The Dean. So I've been a bit of training and I know how to get the best out of somebody and how to make you scare and that's just, it's, it's almost an inherent thing you can be taught.

Donnie Hoover (16:15):

Yup. You and Chris even came up to our Trail of Tormented Terror and did a training class for our people, which is real good. Everybody got a lot out of it.

Meathook Jim (16:22):

We, we did a, and I'm not to, not to forget you guys or anything as I was running with it and that just happened. Yeah. But Trail of Tormented Terror. I, I loved that class. So on top of that, now, after four years at the Dent School House, which was six years ago, here I am running my own business called M.A.U.L, Which is a traveling actor troop. I've got probably 25 people on staff and we travel around the tristate including you know, sometimes you go to Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, you know we'll, any place people want to see us. And I'm excited to announce that even though I haven't posted this on Facebook yet publicly it looks like a M.A.U.L. Is going to have a booth at HauntCon in New Orleans in January, 2020. Very cool. I'm excited about that. It's going to get our, our, our message out there because not only can M.A.U.L. Help you with actors, but there's a couple of people on staff when, myself included, that have years and years and years in the business. And we could be consultants. So I also do voice work. So there's a little bit we can offer anybody. All you have to let me know is hey, we need help.

Donnie Hoover (17:46):

Yup. Ironically, that's how me and you kind of connected and hooked to his, yeah, we just, we just didn't even know each other until a year or so ago. And the quick story on how that happened is I'd went to the Midwest Haunters Convention. It was last year actually. And I had never been to a haunt convention before. It was my first one, so I was pretty pumped about it and I'd had this WrestleHorror concept and I knew I'd wanted to do a podcast. And my buddy Mike Newsome, he, he raves about Big Scary Show all the time. He listened to every, every episode and he always put you guys over and talks about how great it is. And, and we were talking about it at as, we were walking down the vendor aisles and he was like, you know, Big Scary Show's here. He says, I'm not sure which ones are over there right now.

Donnie Hoover (18:30):

At the moment, but he's like, they got a booth here and I was like, oh, we're at, he goes like, I want to go introduce myself and maybe pick their brain on, on some podcast knowledge. Cause you know, like I said, I'm always trying to learn. So yeah, I took off and left them and I went around the corner and I saw your guys vendor booth. And ironically I just walked up to you and introduce myself and we just got to talking and I, you and then I introduced myself, told you who I was and that I had a wrestling promotion here in Columbus. Then you started telling me about how you had a love for wrestling and you know, we just started going back and forth and one thing led to another and now you know, you're one of our ring announcers for New Ohio Wrestling. You're helping me with podcasting, which is, you know, one of your fortes. We both love haunting. We both love wrestling. It's like a perfect mix and a, so it's kind of ironic how that just happened like that. I was like, it was kind of meant to be to do that and meet,

Meathook Jim (19:23):

I agree. Serendipity at its finest. You know, when Donnie told me he had a wrestling promotion, it's like, you know, and I did, I told him, I said, you know, I always wanted to be a wrestler, but I'm a little too old. A little too out of shape for however you need to teach me how to take a couple of bumps.

Donnie Hoover (19:42):

Yeah, we can get you in there. You might not like it. Why don't you do it? But we'll get you in there.

Meathook Jim (19:46):

Well, I want to get a little more involved so I to, if I could take it a bump, I want to take a bump just for fun just to say I did it.

Donnie Hoover (19:54):

Yeah. Well there's always the Fair. The Fair in August.

Meathook Jim (19:57):

Right. But anyway, he told me about that. I said, he goes, well, I said, you know, I'm too old. I'm too old and everything to do anything. He said, what about ring announcer? Can I be a ring announcer? He goes, yeah, we can make you a guest ring announcer. And honestly, I sucked my first time out. I did and I wasn't happy.

Donnie Hoover (20:17):

You didn't do that bad. You, you got on there and did it. That's the first thing is getting in there and doing it

Meathook Jim (20:21):

Well. And you know, I'll tell you what, Queen Ami, she was great. She really was. She, I mean, I didn't see, I didn't lose that part of it actually. I think I sold that part of it pretty well. I just didn't project like my voice can do as you can hear me. I, I've been doing podcasts for seven years now, but after the first show I was okay. And when the second show came, it all came out and then, and then the, Arnold got, I, I lost track of many matches I announced at the Arnold.

Donnie Hoover (20:50):

Oh yeah. That's a long weekend.

Meathook Jim (20:53):

So, you know, I absolutely love what I'm doing for New Ohio Wrestling for M.A.U.L., My haunt actor's team and I, and I don't think I'd trade it for anything.

Donnie Hoover (21:04):

Yeah, that's why I asked. That's one of the main things, a life as you know, doing what you love, being involved in and your passions. And that's what we're trying to do here, where we're both taking our passions for haunting and horror and wrestling and just mixing it all together into one podcast where we can have some fun with it.

Meathook Jim (21:19):

So let me throw this out to the listeners, the viewers, because this is simulcast. We do video and audio every week, correct?

Donnie Hoover (21:28):

Yep. Okay. I'll be on YouTube and all over social media and video and audio form and we're, and we're going to be transcribing it and putting it in as like a blog post too. If you're a blogger and a reader,

Meathook Jim (21:40):

Right. So we're going to hit you all three ways, but you know, if you're a brand new and obviously everybody that watches or listens is going to be a brand new listener or viewer and you've got an idea that you want to send to us. What email address can we get? Do we have an email address? I can send that to you Donnie.

Donnie Hoover (21:59):

Yeah, you can send anything and everything to that's going to be our main catchall email so we can keep track of everything, but yeah, like he said, if there's something you guys, if there's a question you guys have, if there's a topic you want to discuss, if there's a person you want us to try to get that's reasonable. I mean we can't call Hulk Hogan and get him on here, but you know, somebody that's reasonable that we could try to get just, you know, let us know, give us some ideas and we have ideas of our own. We have a big format laid out and yeah, anything you guys want to learn or come up with, let us know and we'll see what we can do for Ya.

Meathook Jim (22:33):

Yes, please do. Email us if you've got any suggestions. Now don't be brutal because we're new, even though I've got experience doing this where I haven't done the whole video thing yet. So me being in the host and everything is kind of weird for me. I'm a cohost and you don't hear me much of my other podcasts, I do the production, but I, I'm starting to fall into this host thing here and I'm starting to enjoy it. I let Donnie do the meat and potatoes. I'll be the, I'll be the voice if I have to, if I have to

Donnie Hoover (23:04):

We can switch back and forth, you know, like I said, we're both learning as we go and we'll get better as time goes on. I'm sure.

Meathook Jim (23:09):

Yeah, absolutely. We're co-hosts here and I'm hoping that it, this touches I, this podcast really reaches out and touches some people in. And I know that sounds Corny, but that's what we're trying to do. We're, we want to get listeners wanting to get people involved. We want to make both businesses better. That's what we want to do. Nothing more, nothing less. Listen to us. You know have people listen to us. If you like us, have them listen to us. If you don't like us, let us know why. Let us know how we can improve. You know, the first couple of episodes are going to be introductory. Don't get brutal, but this, this is our first intro. Then we're going to have an intro with one of our guests, hosts. And then we're going to have an intro with the Ladies of WrestleHorror.

Meathook Jim (23:57):

Yup. Before we get into the podcast. So you know, just deal with the intro so you know who everybody is. And once we get past that, we've already got a wrestler lined up for our first interview. I'm not going to tell you who it is. You're just gonna have to wait and see. Probably on episode zero zero four, I think. Yeah, it should be four. Yeah. Yeah. Episode Zero Zero Four. She's a big in the indies. That's all I'm going to tell you. You don't have to figure out the rest of it. So you know positive feedback, criticism, let us know. Please. That's how we can make a better product for you.

Donnie Hoover (24:41):

Yeah. Let us know what we're doing right. Let us know what we're doing wrong and we'll tweak it as we go and make this work. And speaking of the podcast itself, what we're planning on doing is releasing an episode once a week, every Monday. So every Monday morning we'll probably come out with a new episode and we're going to do it and kind of a different way. We're going to separate basically topics and the weeks, like the first week we'll be we'll talk about a wrestler or wrestling or you know, what it takes to be a wrestler, that kind of thing. The next week we could talk about, you know, be talking with a wrestling promoter about the promoter side, you know, so you have one week of wrestler side, one week of promoter side and same in haunting. We're going to do one week to where we talk with the haunt actors and the, yeah, the people involved with haunting and prop making and stuff like that.

Donnie Hoover (25:34):

Next week we will talk to the people on the backside, you know, like the haunt haunted house owners. They're like, I ended up going up, prop making would be fit in there. Set design, you know, that kind of thing. Like the, the workings of a haunted attraction. So we're kind of learning from both sides of the fence on both genre's. So, you know, we'll have that. And then we'll also, like Jim mentioned, we're going to come out with the Women of WrestleHorror concept where our wives are gonna sit down like we're doing with us and they're gonna come at us from their woman's perspective and give us a little insight on the women's part of haunting and the women's part of wrestling and stuff like that. So it's going to be a lot of fun. You know, we're going to have different topics and yeah, coming at Ya.

Donnie Hoover (26:16):

And if it grows down the road and we start coming up with more and more content, then we know what to do with, we may separate podcasts and do a wrestling podcast and a horror or a haunting podcast. We don't know where this is gonna lead us. We're just going to start out right here doing it this way and see how it goes from here. But that's generally the concept. Every Monday a new episode will come out and it's going to be either wrestling or haunt or horror related. We're probably have some horror film talk too. So yeah, it's all kind of exciting things coming at Ya.

Meathook Jim (26:47):

Now if it's horror related, not just haunt related, just so you guys know, sometimes I try to get to some of these horror conventions and if I can, I'm going to try to get some horror celebrities of, we've done it with Big Scary Show, so there's no reason why I can't try to do it and get maybe a celebrity every once in awhile on this show.

Donnie Hoover (27:08):

I kind of lump horror and haunt in the same industry, but I know, I know a lot of people don't, but in my mind it's all scary stuff. It's all the same.

Meathook Jim (27:16):

Well, and it is, you know, it can be, we can get know, I know plenty of people in the industry we can get in, but you know, everybody gets tickled over a horror icon.

Donnie Hoover (27:28):

Oh, absolutely. I know I'm going to

Meathook Jim (27:31):

I know, I know Kane Hodder if I catch him at a convention I'm getting an interview.

Donnie Hoover (27:37):

Oh yeah, yeah, that's what, that's my guy there. I got a choke pick with him and that was like the highlight of my haunting life was when I took that picture and, and that was kind of funny cause I didn't realize he really grabbed you up like that and like legit choked you. Same to me. Yeah, I met him at that, that the Horrorhound or at the end of the Indianapolis Convention and, and I just kind kinda bent down. It's like, yeah, I see want to say, "hey, can I get a choke pic?" And he's like, "yeah, sure". And so I got down on one knee thinking he was just gonna like put his hand there and he like snatched me up. So when the picture like, my eyes are squinting and I'm like, Eh. And it was like, it was like legit reaction cause he was like really choking me.

Meathook Jim (28:15):

He was, he was not messing around.

Donnie Hoover (28:17):

Oh No. And I thought it was great. Oh my holy crap. Like I didn't think you really choked people.

Meathook Jim (28:22):

Oh, he does. He warned me. He says, you know, I choked people. I said, okay,

Donnie Hoover (28:26):

No, he didn't even warn me. I just asked him for a choke pick. And he's like, yeah, sure. And just like grabbed me. I'm like, holy crap. Which I'm a big Jason Fan anyway. That's my guy. So that just made it even better, you know?

Meathook Jim (28:38):

So yeah, we're going to try to get a couple of those on here every once in a while too. Maybe not as much as the haunt side, but they all kind of mixed together, like Donnie said earlier, and really everything the, Whoa, look at some of the wrestlers nowadays. And I'm not talking about necessarily WWE or even AEW or Impact. I'm talking about the Indies. Yup. Look at some of their wrestlers. This is just a natural thing. I could throw out names all day long. Great talent out there. Yeah. Shotzi Blackheart hailing from the black lagoon. Hello WrestleHorror. Rosemary from Impact. Great. Holidead? Our new, our first guest where I'm going to still going, not going gonna say Allie, you know, great interviews. My Big Scary Show interview with, with Rosemary and Allie, Demon Bunny, went almost an hour. It was one of our highest rated shows, most downloads.

Meathook Jim (29:50):

I mean, it was just amazing the amount of downloads for that show. And they were great. I mean, it was a catch as catch can interview. And we went for quite a long time. Wonderful guests. I fear another podcast out there and you have the opportunity to interview them, do it. They are great. We're working on some other ones in the future. Oddly enough, even though I'm the horror person, I've been working on getting wrestlers lined up because I know I can just call a horror guy and say, hey, I need you to do a podcast.

Donnie Hoover (30:21):

Yeah, we're, we're going to be plentiful, we're going to be plentiful in the horror department. Haunt department.

Meathook Jim (30:26):

Absolutely. So we're working both hard to make sure we've got enough in the wrestling side. And speaking of wrestling, we've got a show coming up in August, don't we?

Donnie Hoover (30:38):

Yup. August, 2nd and 3rd at the Ohio State Fairgrounds. It'll be our first time there.

Meathook Jim (30:43):

11 matches on the card Saturday night I looked at it.

Donnie Hoover (30:47):

Yup. Fine. Yeah. Friday we're just doing a 2 hour show just to Kinda get warmed up. So it's gonna be five matches on Friday and then Saturday we're gone from 7 to 11 and we got 11 matches booked. A lot of big matches. A lot of lot of action's going to be going on. We're going to definitely be turned some heads and get some attention at the Fair

Meathook Jim (31:06):

And I'll be announcing at least a couple of those.

Donnie Hoover (31:09):

Yup. You'll be there.

Meathook Jim (31:10):

Depends on how many other announcers show up on me to kill them all. Dave Kich can just go home.

Donnie Hoover (31:17):

Yeah. Yeah. I don't know. I don't know. Dave is making this one. I think it's only going to be a couple of you.

Meathook Jim (31:24):

What about Mike Knapp? Is he going to be there?

Donnie Hoover (31:24):

Yeah, I think Mike will be there Saturday.

Meathook Jim (31:26):

Yea, well he can go home to.

Donnie Hoover (31:27):

Yeah, I think it'll just be you two on Saturday. You and Mike.

Meathook Jim (31:31):

Okay. Well that's good. Yeah. Well Jr's wrestling at me. Yeah. Well there you go.

Donnie Hoover (31:37):

Yup. He'll be making his New Ohio Wrestling debut. You can get multiple choke slams now.

Meathook Jim (31:43):

Ah, I still wanted to choke slam him one day, one day I would choke slam. What else? What else Donnie, before we close out here, I mean we've gone well over our time limit I'm sure. Cause we tried to keep it listenable but not dragging your day out,

Donnie Hoover (32:01):

Right? Yeah. If we had, the goal is between like 30 to 45 minutes per episode for something that's an easy to consume when it's like a drive to work or sitting at work or, or working out or walking or whatever, you know, whatever you want to do. But yeah, I think we've covered the basics. We just told, you know, we told them who we are when we're going to be on. We're excited for what's to come. It's going to be a lot of fun. And I'm really looking forward to everything that's planned.

Meathook Jim (32:27):

I'm really excited about this. Ever since Donnie and I sat down and talked about it. It's, you know, I thought to myself, should I do a second podcast? Absolutely. I think this is exciting and it's a new opportunity to get myself out there as well as Donnie and New Ohio Wrestling and everybody that comes on the show out to a national audience. Oh yeah, no, we're hoping that's going to happen. But you know, it takes time to grow. So you guys, you listeners, you viewers, you're the ones that make it happen. If you like the content, let people know. If you don't like the content, let us know. We want to make the best show we can for you. So before we close out, Donnie, and I know we're getting long winded here, give him all the social media things. I'll have a thing at the end of the video with all the addresses.

Donnie Hoover (33:26):

Sure, Yep. All pretty much everything we're on is the, is the, you know, @wrestlehorror or #wrestlehorror or Facebook. We have a Facebook page for us at WrestleHorror., A Twitter's @wrestlehorror. We're on Instagram and that's @wrestlehorror as well. And we also have the YouTube channel, and if you just go to YouTube and type in WrestleHorror or you'll find there are channel there as well. And then yeah, we also have a linkedin page. If there's any LinkedIn people out there, you can go to. Wrestlehorror were there as well.

Meathook Jim (33:54):

I wouldn't have expected the LinkedIn page but ok.

Donnie Hoover (33:59):

Hey gotta go gotta go everywhere you can.

Meathook Jim (34:01):

Right, right? Maybe we should get a Snapchat.

Donnie Hoover (34:03):

Hey, here you go. I don't know how to do Snapchat, but we can get one. I have my daughters and we'll do the Daughters of WrestleHorror, and let them do that.

Meathook Jim (34:10):

I don't, I don't know how to do Snapchat either. That's for the kids, but it's big. Anyway, thank you so much for getting through our first episode. Let us know what you like. Let us know what you don't like. Don't judge us too harshly. Wait until episode four.

Donnie Hoover (34:28):

Ahh, the heck with that, let us have it. I don't care. Let us have it. It's the only way we're going to learn.

Meathook Jim (34:33):

Yeah, let us know. Okay. I'll digress to my partner. Let us know. Let us know what you think, and Donnie, we'll see you on the next one.

Donnie Hoover (34:46):

All right, my man, we'll see you. Thank you. All right, bye.

Meathook Jim (34:50):

Thanks for listening. Make sure you follow us on all of our social media outlets,, Instagram @wrestlehorror, Twitter @wrestlehorror or on our YouTube channel, The WrestleHorror channel. Also, you can find us at www.wrestlehorror.Com.


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