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Donnie Hoover and “Meathook” Jim Millspaugh take their passions, and decades of experience, in the pro wrestling, horror, Halloween, paranormal and haunted attraction industries to bring you this fun, entertaining, and educational podcast.


WrestleHorror pulls the curtain back and goes behind the scenes of pro wrestling, haunted houses, horror films, and Halloween to get you stories from the people involved in these events.


They will provide their own tips and advice, as well as, pick the brains of the professionals that make up the pro wrestling, horror, Halloween, haunted attraction Industries.

Apr 4, 2022

In this episode WrestleHorror hosts, Donnie Hoover and "Meathook" Jim Millspaugh sit down with Jessica Stabbit, otherwise known as, Sarah Schultz from Mort House Films, Gravedirt Clothing, and a plethora of other endeavours.

Listen in as we get to know all about Jessica Stabbit and all the projects that she's involved in. Jessica has won Miss Scarizona at the Horror Convention Mad Monster in 2017, Sarah and her actor/director/photographer/musician husband were married by the legendary Sid Haig, she does cosplay, they own Mort House Films, Gravedirt Clothing, and a paranormal group called The Haunted Honeymooners. she's also been in a number of films, done voice overs, and started Mortuary Science school in March 2020. To say Sarah Schultz has a lot on her plate is a gross understatement


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- Twitter: @Jessicastabbit


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